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The ReSPY project was canceled as of 06/06/2014 due to lack of any player support.


On June 30, 2014, Gamespy and EA will be ending support for Battlefield 2, Battlefield 2142, Battlefield 1942, and Battlefield Vietnam, as well as for many older Gamespy multiplayer enabled classic games, very likely leaving some of the features of the game no longer playable.

What this means for you, is that the multplayer function of these games will more than likely no longer work. You more than likely will no longer be able to see and join any multiplayer servers, and may not even be able to log in.

Single Player Gaming mode should still work, but Multiplayer mode will most likely no longer function.

ReSPY is a network service that emulates some features of what the GameSpy server does that is going offline, and emulates for the games that are ReSPY supported, what GameSpy did before.

ReSPY will let you continue to play your previous GameSpy enabled games in multiplayer mode.

The current ReSPY application interface. Screen capture of a successful connection on left. You are now ready to launch your Battlefield game. Built in IRC client chat box featured (on right), where all players will be able to communicate with each other system wide. Game servers and clans will be able to create and join their own chat channels, and with an optional modmanager module, game servers admins will be to link in game SayAll conversations with their chatroom channel, so that messages posted in each, appear in each.

To use ReSPY and continue to play your game in multiplayer mode, all you have to do is download and install the ReSPY application as pictured above. Run the ReSPY application before you start your game. The ReSPY application will connect to the ReSPY network, and tell your game client or game server where to look for a new multiplayer server list. You must start the ReSPY application before you launch your game.

After you have quit your game, you can quit the ReSPY application, or simply minimize it to the taskbar. The application uses as few system resources as possible, and will not interfere with your gaming experience.

While in an alpha and beta testing phase, the ReSPY service will be in free play mode, as the ReSPY developers work out any bugs in the system, observe, and stress test the network. Everyone will get to alpha and beta test the system.

Initially, ReSPY will begin with coding support for the Battlefield series of titles, starting with BF2 and BF2142, and possibly proceeding to other older titles in the series.


For Battlefield 2 and 2142:


Get paid cash to run a game server

Tired of paying to run a game server for players and not being paid for it? Sure you are. You've been doing it for years.

The old model is out; a new model is in. As with any paradigm shift, there's a lot to be excited about.

ReSPY will be player supported. Once the ReSPY service is established, and beta testing is over, ReSPY may offer a program through which Server Admins that list their game using the ReSPY service may be eligible to recieve a monthly contribution from ReSPY to defray the cost of running a game server, based upon the level of player traffic their server receives.

That's right, you can earn money by running a game server listed on ReSPY! Some conditions may apply, and you will need to link your ReSPY account with a PayPal account email address (preferred) or provide a mailing address to which a check may be dispersed.

For Battlefield 2 and 2142:

If you are running your game server under Windows, you will simply run the same ReSPY application with your server.

If you are running your game server under Linux, a shell script or instructions will be provided on how to redirect your server to the new server browser list, if this is possible on your installation. Root priveleges may be required, which may not be available to you in a shared user environment.

In some cases a restart of your server may be required to effect network changes that have gone into effect since your last ReSPY launch and update.


Once the ReSPY application becomes available, you will be able download, install, and launch it. Once you click the "Enable ReSPY" button inside of the ReSPY application, you should be able to launch and log into a multiplayer game, but with a new server browser list.

Early sample video footage of using a BF2142 French game client to create a new account and log into the ReSPY game server browser list development test network. Note there are two test game servers displayed on the ReSPY network, not the list of game servers that would be typically be found on the GameSpy network for this game.

You will have to create an new account. All your EA stats will *not* be carried over, nor are your unlocks. You will be able to play a multiplayer game, but these features will not initially be supported in the game. It may be additionally be technically unfeasible or challenging to support them in the future and currently is beyond the scope of the ReSPY project.

There may not be very many servers or players at first, until more player server admins install the ReSPY application and make the change over. As an early adopter, you may have to stick it out, until more players and game server admins use the ReSPY service.

If you want to return to the original GameSpy Browser List (if it is still operable, that is, before June 30th, 2014) simply run the ReSPY application again and click the "Disable ReSPY" button.

Good luck on the Battlefield... NOW GET BACK TO CAPTURING THOSE FLAGS! ;-)


For contact or support issues, email [].

For a full list of games affected by the GameSpy Shutdown, read the announcement and list of games affected.

Our interest is to get the service live as soon as possible, to save players from abandoning these games while we can, and polish out the kinks as we go along. We are passionate about gaming, and saving our favorite games. The ReSpy developers have a long and proven track record in the modding community for supporting these games and developing new scripts and gaming mods, without pay.


There are no warranties expressed or implied by this service. By donating to, supporting, or using the ReSPY project or service, you agree to RELEASE, WAIVE, DISCHARGE, and HOLD HARMLESS ReSpy, its developers, members, and employees from any and all liability, claims, demands, actions and causes of action whatsoever arising out of or related to any loss, damage, or injury, that may be sustained through donating to, supporting, or using the ReSpy service or installing and/or using the ReSPY application software.

Because of the radical and unconventional nature of this project, and the complex technical difficulties, costs, potentially unforseen problems, and time constraints involved, there are no guarantees, express or implied, that ReSPY (this project) will see fruition, only that a best effort is made.

ReSPY is a development project by independent game developer CHOPPERGIRL @ AIR-WAR.ORG.

ReSPY is in no way associated with EA (Electronic Arts) or D.I.C.E (Digital Illusions CE). All respective trademarks and copyrights are owned by their respective owners.

Any information found in this document is tenative and subject to change without notice.

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